Shinano Kenshi

1078, Kami-maruko, Ueda-shi,
PH: +81 (26) 8411800
Fax: +81 (26) 8430010
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Company Background

Shinano Kenshi owns and operates the world's largest silk spinning factory in Thailand, and has been responding to various requirements from customers in the world who are seeking high quality product, by keeping our basic concept since foundation. As an R&D-based enterprise, we are pursuing positively the R&D of new materials such as carbonic nano-fiber and carbonic-silk. We believe that it is our vital and historical mission to develop the new use in 21st century of silk which has been used for human beings life for thousands of years, to materialize the utilization of nano-techonology by co-development of carbonic materials, under the close collaboration with academic institute by utilizing state of the arts technology