Nanoco sp.

ul. Zagórska 159
Tarnowskie Góry
PH: +48 (32) 39 34 666
Fax: +48 (32) 39 34 668
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Company Background

Nanoco sp. z o.o. is the first company in Poland which has found multiple applications of nanotechnology as one of the methods to produce anti-bacterial, fungicidal and deodorising agents as well as anti-bacterial polymers.

Our company utilises innovative programmes, which help in using nanotechnology for practical purposes.

Based on our perfect staff which comprises among others of specialists in the field of applied nanotechnology, the technical appliances and apparatus possessed as well as the production capabilities we introduce patented technical solutions and processes which ensure high quality of life.

Thanks to the long-term experience and knowledge possessed we want to develop our own projects, which will ensure us and our clients in a faster development in many fields of economy