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Company Background

Mentarix is developing a series of proprietary Efficiency Enhancement Components to address each of these needs in a manner that allows both solar PV manufacture and end user to realize efficiency gain without disruption in their daily operation. Mentarix product can be easily retrofitted to any solar photovoltaic installation without changes in their existing manufacturing process or any addition of mechanical tracking structure.

Our products are able to work with any type of solar cell. Be it traditional crystalline silicon or thinfilm CdS/CdTe, CIGS and amorphous silicon. Every type of solar cell will be able to benefit significant efficiency gain from Mentarix Efficiency Enhancement products.

The principle idea of our products is realized by application of Quantum Dot Nanotechnology and advanced Photonic technique. Recent advancement in commercial production tooling & machinery for nanotech and photonics structure fabrication has allowed Mentarix to turn our ideas into delivery of cost effective products that meets the stringent requirement of Solar PV installation.

Mentarix is able to offer both Customize Design Solution to Solar Cell Manufacturer specific requirement as well as standard reference implementation for generic application.