Nano Composite Business Department, Nanux Co., Ltd

Gimhae City
Gyeongnam, 621-881
South Korea
PH: +82 (55) 346-4690~3
Fax: +82 (55) 346-4694
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Company Background

Nano Composite develops new technology to combine BT and IT with NT, which is one of the 5T (IT, BT, NT, ET and ST), new future industry. Nano Composite Division is now developing nano silver which has the functions of anti-bacteria, anti-electric charging / cutoff of electron wave and ultraviolet rays as well as functional additives such as photocatalyst and nana coating material. It is expanding its business fields into the nana composite material such as high functional and good property electronic material, environmental material and structural material.

In the future, Nano Composite Business Division of Nanux Co., Ltd. would take lead in the field of environment-friendly and high-functional nano composite material by combining metals, ceramics and high molecules. We would also do our best to maximize the competitiveness, based on this new technology.