Arrayon biotechnology

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CH - 2007
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Company Background

Arrayon biotechnology is engaged in bio/nano-engineering of material surfaces, in particular in the development and commercialization of products for the biochip and textile markets. Founded in 2004, the company is currently developing and selling diverse innovative microarray substrates and devices, making use of proprietary linker chemistries for covalent target (bio)molecule immobilization. Primary markets approached by arrayon biotechnology are: nutrition, medical diagnostics and personal care.

Arrayon biotechnology manufactures customized products for bioanalytical applications, including covalent surface passivation and bio-functionalized textiles. arrayon’s linker chemistries fully support the production of highly reliable protein (proteomics) or glycan (glycomics) microarrays on any type of material. The company carries out feasibility studies, engages in customer-specified validation, and assists in the installation of biochip / biopassivation production lines.