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Company Background

Since 1991, the unique microscopy and imaging industry has looked to Microscopy/Marketing & Education, Inc (MME) as its primary source of market information and new product launches. Along the way, MME has also offered strategic direction, business plan help, and engineering insight. In a bold expansion move, MME has now formalized strategic relationships with several of its key consulting partners in these areas to form The Microscopy & Imaging Place, Inc. ("The MIP").

The new group builds on MME’s original core competencies of strategic marketing, market research, and new product branding and launching with the addition of two new consultants. Among the new services offered by The MIP:

  • "The SWAT Team": an integrated sales and marketing approach to new-market development Metrics for the C-Suite (corporate metrics programs for sales and marketing)
  • "R&D … and Manufacturability": providing manufacturing insight into early stage R&D to avoid the normal "hiccup" between development and commercialization,
  • Structure and process for service and customer support activities
  • Sanity and process for compliance and regulation