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Primary Activity

Image Analysis Software

Company Background

Since 1990, Clemex has been helping laboratories analyze their images faster, better and more cost effectively. Today, organizations in more than twenty countries around the world use Clemex image analysis solutions. From modular to turnkey systems, whether for quality control, research, or clinical purposes, Clemex has cultivated a rich foundation of knowledge that has led to the development of feature-rich image analysis solutions designed to effectively address customer needs.

Why Clemex?

Choosing an imaging system can be a time consuming and often-difficult process. Here are some of the key benefits you can count on when making Clemex your preferred system provider:

  • Reputation
    As a result of the company's highly focused efforts in building the best digital imaging systems, Clemex has been able to develop a reputation as leading experts in the field.
  • Experience
    The three principals of the company have combined experience of more than 50 man-years in the digital imaging industry.
  • Ease-of-use
    The intuitive nature of our systems permits you to get up and running with the minimum of support and training.
  • Support
    When technical support is required, our dedicated staff of engineers and technicians is ready to provide you with fast, reliable assistance.
  • Commitment
    With the majority of employees retaining shares in the company, Clemex is highly committed to the continued development of the company. Our track record of sustainable growth demonstrates that Clemex is a stable company ready to serve your needs for years to come.
  • Leadership
    Since the company's inception, Clemex has succeeded in maintaining a competitive lead based on its superior technology. To remain the leader, Clemex continues to reinvest large portions of its revenues in R &D.
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