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Company Background

PolyAn is specialised in Molecular Surface Engineering (MSE) and Surface Molecular Imprinting (SMI). Custom-made, molecular designed material surfaces and boundary layers, equipped with specific functions, open a wide range of new, innovative products and solutions.

PolyAn's proprietary MSE-technology platform is used in the design of biochips (for microarray slides), microparticles and nanoparticles (e.g. for fluorescent polymer microspheres) and membranes for medical diagnostic applications. PolyAn's surface functionalisation optimises the performance of analytical processes by improving the signal-to-noise ratio, the reproducibility and also enabling new combinations of surface functionality and base substrate.

PolyAn has also developed a range of membranes for organophilic Pervaporation and organophilic Nanofiltration. These membranes can be used for the separation of aromatics from aliphatics, olefins from aliphatics and the separation of other organic mixtures. Pervaporation can also be used to break azeoptropes.

Based on our extensive experience in research and development of surfaces PolyAn also offers tailor-made solutions for specific customer applications.