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Company Background

Modumetal™ is a revolutionary nanolaminated alloy that is stronger and lighter than steel and will replace conventional metals and composites in many applications, starting with military armor, and eventually in cars, planes, buildings, and other transportation and construction sectors.

Modumetal is the next generation in materials and represents a sea change in the historical material tradeoff between weight and performance.

Modumetal is also a revolutionary production process that allows users to "grow" parts and represents an unprecedented long-term market opportunity of many billions of dollars in parts manufacturing.

Modumetal is:

  • A unique, nanolaminated material with ultra high strength to weight properties
  • A material that negates conventional tradeoffs in metal and composite performance properties
  • A low-cost, high-efficiency, "green" metal manufacturing process
  • A single-step, net shape part manufacturing process

The success of Modumetal will usher in a new generation of materials, allowing the manufacture of products that have only been hypothetical before now. Through its partnerships with powerhouses in transportation and construction industries, Modumetal will launch a revolution in nanotech metals.