Royal Microscopical Society

Royal Microscopical Society
37/38 St Clements Street
Oxford, OX4 1AJ
United Kingdom
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Company Background

The Royal Microscopical Society is - and always has been - at the forefront of new ideas and developments in microscopy and imaging.
It is the only truly international microscopical society, drawing distinguished members from all over the world. It also serves the needs of its company members who represent all the major manufacturers and suppliers of microscopes, equipment and services.

The Royal Microscopical Society is dedicated to advancing science, developing careers and supporting wider understanding of science and microscopy. Its Council of Trustees and members drive the direction of the Society and form its long-term strategy.

The Royal Microscopical Society publishes The Journal of Microscopy and a series of microscopy books, as well as helping young scientists through bursaries. In addition, the Society pursues initiatives to encourage young microscopists who may go on to influence our future.

The Royal Microscopical Society is incorporated by Royal Charter which, along with the By-laws, are its governing documents.

The Royal Microscopical Society is a member of:

  • the Foundation for Science and Technology
  • the Biosciences Federation
  • the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy
  • the European Microscopy Society

The Royal Microscopical Society is a registered charity, number 241990.

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