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Helsinki, FI-00380
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Company Background

KSV is part of Biolin Scientific, a public company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Biolin Scientific is a leading supplier of analytical instruments for the nanoscale study of interfaces.

KSV is the leading manufacturer of instruments for characterization of nanoscale films and study of surface molecular interactions, as well as ultra-thin film deposition. With over 20 years experience of developing instruments to measure contact angle, dynamic contact angle, surface tension and interfacial tension, monolayer properties, adsorption processes and much more provide you can feel secure about your new instrument. KSV is also the pioneer of nanoscale film deposition and has become the worlds largest manufacturer of Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett troughs as well as unique highly surface specific analytical instruments. Included in our product line are instruments like surface plasmon resonance (SPR), interfacial shear rheometer (ISR), reflection FT-IR with polarisation modulation (PM-IRRAS), and Brewster Angle Microscope (BAM).