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Angstrom Sun Technologies

Angstrom Sun Technologies

33 Nagog Park
Massachusetts, 01720
United States
PH: 1 (978) 263 6678
Fax: 1 (978) 263 6675
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Primary Activity

Thin Film Characterization Instruments

Company Background

Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. is a privately held company, headquartered in Boston, USA. The focus of company is to provide a series of cost-effective optical solutions for characterizing thin film thickness, thick coating thickness, their optical properties (refractive index N and extinction coefficient K), surface and interface behavior, alloy concentrations and their uniformities across surface.

Affordable, low cost, but advanced and high performance tools, including:

These instruments offer a way to probe film stacks nondestructively and precisely. In addition, Angstrom Sun Technologies also delivers advanced analytical services for characterizing thin films, thick coatings and complicated layer stacks.

Angstrom Sun Technologies is NOT a distributor or representative to other manufacturers for their ellipsometers, Reflectometers or Microspectrophotometers. Angstrom Sun Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures all TFProbe tools in a facility located in Boston, USA. TFProbe tools are sold and distributed by international sales networks

With performance and professional support as our mission, Angstrom Sun Technologies has established a worldwide customer base since 2002, including well-known education institutions, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies,

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