Tellurex Corporation

1462 International Drive
Traverse City
MI, 49686
United States
PH: 1 (231) 947-0110
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Company Background

Tellurex has created several industry-leading thermoelectric products over the past quarter-century. Tellurex offers the most powerful commercially available power generation thermoelectric technology in the world. Our technology supports automotive fuel efficiency initiatives, defense stealth targets, and field re-charging of battery-powered devices, such as cell phones, GPS units and computers. Our thermoelectric heat-pumping, air-to-air coolers stabilize or modulate the thermal load of an enclosed box in precise 0.1°C increments. Tellurex's thermoelectric thermal plate coolers provide precise direct contact temperature control and adjustment. And, with no moving parts, Tellurex module durability, reliability and easily controlled noise have become valued attributes of our brand.