Blue Nano

Blue Nano
Blue Nano, North America
8701 Mallard Creek Rd
Charlotte, NC, 28262, U.S.
United States
PH: 1 (980) 225 1657
Fax: 1 (980) 939 6238
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Blue Nano is a nanomaterials manufacturer that develops high quality, cost effective and reliable nano-focused industrial solutions in the highest volumes available anywhere. Blue Nano serve universities, independent research labs and OEM manufacturers in a wide variety of sectors ranging from automotive to energy to healthcare.

Blue Nano's technology

Blue Nano’s scientists have developed a process to produce higher quantities of nanomaterials at higher qualities than current manufacturing methods. This process is unique to Blue Nano, and dramatically different and much lower cost than traditional nanomaterials production (which is slow, wasteful, high-cost and capital-intensive).

Production capacity

Blue Nano can produce significantly higher quantities of nanomaterials than the closest competitors. In addition, Blue Nano provides the highest quality nanomaterials available anywhere.

Blue Nano customers

Blue Nano serves OEM manufacturers, independent research labs, and universities across the globe. Companies from Europe, Asia and North America are successfully using Blue Nano's products and technical services to further enhance consumer products.

Blue Nano provides wide-ranging selections of nanomaterials and nano-focused solutions for end-user products in a wide variety of industries, including energy, automotive, electronics, chemical, materials and medical. In particular, Blue Nano have placed an emphasis on cutting-edge clean energy products for solar cells, lithium ion batteries and a variety of chemical and fuel cell catalysts.