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US Nanocorp
156-J River Rd
CT, 06279
United States
PH: 1 (860) 432.3155
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Company Background

US Nanocorp, Inc. (“USN”) was incorporated in 1996 as a vehicle to identify, develop, and commercialize breakthrough technologies in the field of energy storage and energy conversion devices which exploit the extraordinary properties of nanostructured materials. By convention, these are materials with physical dimensions (particle diameter, film thickness, or grain size) less than 100 nanometers (0.1 microns).

In the nanomaterials area, USN has developed (i) nanofibrous manganese dioxide (Filox) for advanced rechargeable lithium batteries and (ii) nanospherical nickel hydroxide (NanoxTM) for alkaline rechargeable batteries and electrochemical supercapacitors, funded under NSF, NIH, and the ATP (NIST).

USN is developing intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell components and large-area thin-film battery electrodes using industrial thermal spray techniques, funded under DOE, the Army, and the Navy.