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Diamond Analytics
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Utah, 84058
United States
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Company Background

Diamond Analytics, a US Synthetic company, expands the existing range of analytical capabilities in separation science by providing diamond-based solutions that allow for the exploration of novel chemistries.

Each year scientists worldwide synthesize novel chemicals and compounds that require extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis. The tools available today for analysis have limited the evolution in chemistry. Current analytical capabilities in separation science have only taken incremental steps in technology improvement.

Constrained areas of analysis—including limited pH values (2-8), narrow temperature ranges, and limited selectivity across a broad range of compounds—present problems for lab technicians and scientists trying to utilize current HPLC columns for new analysis. Column life and instrument downtime impede the process of developing new chemistry and increase costs. For labs to innovate, they need expanded analytical technologies to explore a greater range of chemistries and open new areas of analysis, all while providing a total cost savings.