Shield Nanocoating Services Inc.

Shield Nanocoating Services Inc.
10503 98 Ave. Suite 108
Alberta, T5K 0B2
PH: 1 (800) 351 6321
Fax: 1 (800) 916 6321
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Company Background

ShieldNano is a Canadian nanotech company operating out of Edmonton Alberta. Its mission is to help North American businesses and consumers reap the benefits of the most recent advances in nanoscale surface treatments by offering comprehensive solutions and superior service.

Due to the youth of Nanotechnology in the Canadian market, ShieldNano understands the need to provide more than just a product. This is why ShieldNano consultants are trained and certified as Nanotechnicians by the IHK (German Chamber of Commerce and Industry). This training course allows our consultants to provide consistent and unparallelled service and quality.

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