NANONI Material & Technology

NANONI Material & Technology
Bayernstrasse 14
Saarland, D-66111
PH: +49 ((0)681) 9384948
Fax: +49 ((0)681) 9384947
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Company Background

NANONI manufactures and sells nanoparticles in the field of nanomaterials and technologies. Our operations focus on metal nanoparticles and metal nanooxide particles for advanced industrial applications. NANONI metal nanoparticles are an integrator of commercially scaled nanomaterial technologies for the market and customer applications.

NANONI provides its customers a large variety of nano particles, such as nano metal powders, nano metal oxides, and nano hydroxides, nano particles as dry powders or in suspension and dispersion and a variety of new coatings with nano materials.

The products are used universally for innovative, modern and new technologies, particularly in the areas of Renewable energies, Chemical industry, Semiconductor electronics, Optoelectronics, Automotive, Coatings and fuel cells, to name a few.