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Jeol Resonance

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Tokyo, 196-8558
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Company Background

JEOL RESONANCE Inc. became an independent company on April 1, 2011, JEOL RESONANCE Inc. was formed from the NMR(Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Division of JEOL Ltd. and was partially financed by the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan and Japan Superconductor Technology Inc.

Jeol Resonance's NMR and ESR(Electron Spin Resonance) counterparts track the tiny motions of the atomic nuclei and electrons making up materials, data for use in analyzing molecular structure at the subatomic level. The vast evidence collected in this research goes on to help solve various questions facing us in our daily lives.

Applications, initially limited to biotechnology, food, and chemistry, have since expanded into such emerging fields as organic electro-luminescence (EL) devices and thin film batteries because these analytical tools are now essential to developing leading edge technology. Yet development continues as researchers and research institutions all over the world seek improvements in both the equipment and measurement methodology. The company's mission, therefore, is bringing together their results to both accelerate progress and to find practical application in the devices, services, and support offered to customers.

To these customers striving to bring the benefits of the latest science and technology to the general public, Jeol Resonance offer not only analytical tools, but also our warm support in addressing issues that they may face. Jeol Resonance do so because of their firm belief that the advancement of science has such great potential to protect and enrich human life.

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