Zyvex Labs

Zyvex Labs
1301 N. Plano Road
TX 75081
United States
PH: 972 (235) 7881
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Company Background

Zyvex Labs LLC has two goals: develop Atomically Precise Manufacturing, and exploit Zyvex Labs' technology for microfabrication and 3D microassembly.

Developed during Zyvex’s 5-year, $25M NIST ATP project to build 3D assembled microsystems, Zyvex Labs' MEMS technology is currently being used to fabricate miniature scientific instrumentation such as a mini-Scanning Electron Microscope and a mini-Atomic Force Microscope, as well as next-generation nanoprobing systems.

These systems will be developed for larger marketing partners or spun off into standalone companies, depending on the product. Zyvex Labs is a founding partner in Nano-Retina, which is building an advanced prosthetic vision device.