Bandwidth Foundry Pty Ltd

Suite 102, National Innovation Centre Australian Technology Park
New South Wales, 1430
PH: +61 (2) 8374 5308
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Company Background

Australian company, The Bandwidth Foundry seeks to create value through innovation in photonics manufacturing via:

  • technology innovations and transfers that create new business or extend or enhance current technologies;
  • Intellectual property generation; and
  • technology development collaboration and photonics foundry services provision.

The Bandwidth Foundry is presently pursuing three core technology development areas:

  • 2-D Interferometric Lithography (for planar PBG devices);
  • Optical Interconnects; and
  • Silicon Optical Bench.

The Bandwidth Foundry is funded in part by A$12.5 million in technology infrastructure grants from the Australian Government (A$9.5 million) and from the New South Wales State Government (A$3 million) under the Major National Research Facility (MNRF) Program.


Photolithography Foundry, Photomask Production, Direct Laser Writing of Optical Materials, Soft Lithography Stamps, We are also developing new nano-printing and nano-patterning technologies based on soft-lithography and two-dimensional interferometric lithography (2DIL). Application areas include flat panel displays and advanced integrated photonic devices.

Sales Contact

Mr David O'Connor
Director of Operations and Facilities