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Unit 1, 35-41 Waterloo Road
North Ryde
New South Wales, 2113
PH: +61 (2) 8877 8947
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Company Background

Proteome Systems Ltd is a leading proteomics technology, diagnostics and discovery company. It has developed and commercialised a comprehensive solution for high throughput proteomics, ProteomIQ, which is being marketed globally as part of a strategic alliance with IBM. The company develops instruments, software and consumables that enable ongoing research into proteomics, and engages in the discovery of diagnostics and drug targets for respiratory disease, neurobiology and ageing, cancer and infectious disease.

In collaboration with Shimadzu Biotech, Proteome has developed a proprietary platform technology for proteome analysis and characterisation using nanofluidics, known as the Chemical Inkjet Printer (ChIP). ChIP uses fluidics technology to dispense picolitre and nanolitre volumes, to microprint and characterise information onto a spot on a protein, leaving the rest of the sample protein available to study later.

ChIP can be used to rapidly dispense a number of antibodies to screen for disease antigens. The basic technology behind ChIP involves a very strong partnership between Proteome Systems and MicroFab Technologies of Plano, Texas.

The ChIP technology was bestowed a prestigious R&D 100 Award in 2004. Proteome Systems recently acquired Eukarion, a Boston based biopharmaceutical company, and has links to more than a dozen research institutes globally.

Proteome Systems was also awarded the Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award in the Proteomics Automation Market in 2003, for demonstrated technological superiority within its industry.

Proteome Systems operates manufacturing and R&D facilities in Sydney, Australia and Boston, USA, and has a presence in Osaka, Japan.


Nano-biotechnology (proteomics), Tools, Manufacturing, Nano-electronics

Sales Contact

Dr Keith Williams
Chief Executive Officer