Cima Nanotech (NanoPowders Industries)

1000 Westgate Drive Suite 100
St. Paul
Minnesota, 55114-1067
United States
PH: (+1) (651) 646 6266
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Company Background

Cima NanoTech is an advanced materials company leveraging its unique, patented nanomaterial technologies with customers to deliver next generation solutions today. With commercial production capabilities, proven technical performance, and a team focused on delivering value to its customers, Cima NanoTech offers a technology platform upon which next generation solutions are built.

The company currently focuses on the electronics industry, where manufacturers value the benefits of low temperature substrates, finer component line resolution, and other unique attributes made possible by nanomaterials.

Cima NanoTech is based in the US, with its R&D center in Caesarea, Israel, and a commercial manufacturing facility in Hiroshima, Japan. Additional laboratory facilities in Korea, Japan, and the US support the work of the Israel lab and enable close, local partnerships with electronics manufacturers to meet their specific needs.