Agile Materials and Technologies Inc.

93 Castillian Drive
CA, 93117
United States
PH: 1 (805) 968 5159
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Agile Materials and Technologies uses a novel material technology to design and fabricate tunable integrated components that have a wide range of applications in wireless communications. The key feature of our components and circuits tunability, making Agile's products much more than simply integrated passive circuits. To learn how tunability provides solutions to critical challenges in the wireless industry, please read our white paper, "Tunability - An Enabling Technology for Wireless Systems".

Our expertise in materials science is matched with highly skilled RF circuit design capabilities, allowing us to exploit the properties of newly developed thin film materials in innovative RF designs. The result is integrated, tunable passive circuitry that helps our customers create products that are smaller and packed with more functions, all at a cost that is competitive with existing technologies.

We offer tunable components that can be designed into next-gen circuit boards or retrofitted to augment existing boards. Our design team can also develop custom solutions to meet the needs of customers in both military and commercial applications.