ALD NanoSolutions Inc.

580 E. Burbank Street, Unit 100
CO, 80020
United States
PH: 1 (303) 318 4145
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. was founded by Dr. Karen Buechler, Prof. Steven George, Mr. P. Michael Masterson, and Prof. Alan Weimer in order to commercialize atomic layer deposition technology to solve materials problems in a wide variety of industries. Novel know-how and intellectual property (IP) developed in the George/Weimer Laboratories over the last seven years at the University of Colorado - Boulder (CU) represents the technology foundation for this commercialization effort. ALD NanoSolutions, Inc. has received an exclusive license from CU for use of IP and all related improvements developed in the George/Weimer Laboratories. This broad-based IP includes technology related to the ALD nano-coating of generic fine particles, as well as flat or particle polymer surfaces.