Applied Sciences Inc.

Applied Sciences Inc.
P.O. Box 579
Ohio, 45314
United States
PH: 1 (937) 766 2020
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Applied Sciences, Inc. (ASI) is a small corporation located in Cedarville, Ohio. ASI specializes in the research and development of advanced materials and their applications. ASI is one of the leaders in the development of materials possessing exceptionally high thermal conductivity. Materials currently under development include vapor-grown carbon fibers, diamond thin films, and composites derived there from. In addition to superior thermal performance, these materials possess various other desirable properties, including low cost. In 1995, ASI obtained funding for accelerated development of its Pyrograf® carbon fiber under the Department of Commerce's Advanced Technology Program (ATP), which supports "strategic, high-risk research in cutting-edge technology". Located in an atmosphere conducive to problem solving adjacent to 36,000 square meters of water surface from a self-replenishing spring-fed reservoir, the company has three buildings totaling 16,300 ft2 of modern office and laboratory space in a 53,000 square meter industrial park.