CeNTech GmbH

Center for Nanotechnology
Heisenbergstr 11
Münster, D – 48149
PH: 49 (0251) 53406 100
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Nanotechnology is one of the key technologies that is expected to come up with a multiplicity of new products and product improvements. With the aim to improve the utilization of the vast potential and multifaceted prospects of nanotechnological research, the CeNTech was created as one of Germany’s first centers for nanotechnology. Integrated into the densest network of universities in all over Europe in the German state of North Rhine-Westfalia (NRW), CeNTech provides the ideal environment to direct selected ideas and results of nanotechnological research into technical applications.

CeNTech promotes the formation of start-up companies that originate from university research and supports the expansion of companies in the nanotechnology sector. The CeNTech GmbH provides the general conditions for entrepreneurs to further develop their research ideas into marketable products. The founders will be guided through the first years and will be assisted with technical and business know-how.

Another aim of CeNTech is the promotion of education and advanced training in the field of nanotechnology. With the organisation of events like the NanoBioTec Congress & Exhibition an international forum has been created for both scientists and managers that provides a platform for discussion, making contacts, and the exchange of ideas. Furthermore, in specific workshops nanotechnological knowledge is imparted to pupils, students, and other interested persons.