Centre d'Elaboration de Materiaux et d'Etudes Stru

29, rue Jeanne Marvig, BP 94347,
31055 Toulouse
Cedex, 4
PH: 33 (562) 25 78 00
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

CEMES study materials from an experimental and a theoretical point of view, from the atomic up to the macroscopic scale. CEMES encompasses an important activity in elaboration, chemical synthesis, realisation of new devices and instrumentation.

The CEMES goals are for one part to establish links between the atomic architecture and the physical and chemical properties of a material or a nano-material and for another part to design, synthesise and study the first prototypes of molecular nano-machines, studied one at a time.

The CEMES is strongly engaged towards the future, towards new frontiers of sciences and technologies like new materials and miniature machines in the realm of nanosciences, nano-materials and nanotechnologies. Those fascinating areas point out the possibilities offered by structuring matter atom by atom, reaching more efficient materials or establishing the future of nano-machines.