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Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience MC2
SE-412 96
PH: 46 (31) 772 1000
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

The Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, MC2, is doing research and education with focus on future electronics, photonics and micro-/nanosystems. The materials, devices and systems studied find their applications in future systems for wireless communication, data transmission over fibre links, sensor systems, quantum computers and completely new forms of nanoelectronics.

Within MC2 there are groups with interests in basic physics side by side with groups with their primary interest in very applied research on micro- and nanoelectronics. Our research is often done in close collaboration with industry and the surrounding society.

MC2 consists of seven laboratories and has around 170 employees including around 60 PhD students. Six of the laboratories are research units with one or more research groups and the sixth laboratory is the cleanroom nanofabrication laboratory used for preparation and manufacturing of micro- and nano- devices.