Genencor International Inc.

925 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto
CA, 94304
United States
PH: 1 (650) 846 7500
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Genencor International, a division of Danisco A/S, is a leading industrial biotechnology company that develops innovative enzymes and bioproducts to improve the performance and reduce the environmental impact of the cleaning, textiles, fuels and chemicals industries.

Commercialization of biologically-engineered materials is a complex process requiring the integration of a number of technologies. That is why Genencor developed the i-biotech solution. By integrating our full suite of platform technologies concurrently, we are able to discover, design, test, manufacture, and deliver safe, hypoallergenic biomaterials more quickly, efficiently, and more successfully than our competitors. This includes discovering new genes, optimizing their performance in their intended environment, producing new biomaterials and testing their potential to reduce allergic reactions in humans.