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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Smart Filter Technology was developed and proven in the late 1990's, when David Fries of the University of South Florida built the first photolithography exposure system that utilized this technology. Since there were no commercially available processing systems that provided a means of patterning non-silicon, non-flat materials, Mr. Fries needed to make his own equipment. His efforts were realized when the prototype of the SF-100 was assembled in his lab.

As other researchers saw the benefit of using Smart Filter Technology in their work, David Fries joined forces with Dr. Jay Sasserath to launch Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC in 2001. Dr. Sasserath became the Chief Executive Officer of the company, providing business management, sales, and marketing expertise to the organization. David Fries, the inventor of Smart Filter Technology, is the Chief Technical Officer for Intelligent Micro Patterning, and is responsible for all aspects of the manufacturing, technology, development, and applications of the technology. These two individuals are aided by a number of executives, and independent contractors. This group works as a team to deliver true solutions to our customers most difficult technical problems.

To help promote the advantages and value of Smart Filter Technology, a global sales and service organization has been established. Having offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Intelligent Micro Patterning is well positioned to serve our customer's needs around the world.

The company is still privately held and has established its global headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida. Additionally, through an agreement with the University of South Florida, Intelligent Micro Patterning has access to many of the facilities and technologies that are available at the university.