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411 Waverley Oaks Road, Suite 144
MA, 02452
United States
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Ion Optics is the world leader in devices and surfaces which allow the tuning of infrared (IR) emission, absorption, and transmission.

Ion Optics first introduced this concept in 1998 with the pulsIR™ family of IR sources. Today, pulsIR™ and the associated reflector products are widely used as a source for NDIR gas sensing systems as well as for IR beacons and markers for defense and other applications.

Ion Optics has developed patented photonic crystal technology (PCE), which allows precise wavelength tuning of the emission and absorption of a silicon surface. When implemented on a MEMS (micro-mechanical machine system) chip, this technology is incorporated in a number of product families. The tunIR™ family of IR sources is a precise wavelength tuned emitter for gas sensing and other applications. The markIR™ family offers wavelength selective IR markers and beacons for defense and identification applications in both the 3-5µ and 8-12µ wave bands.

SensorChip™ products use the tuned and matched absorption and transmission characteristics of our devices to offer accurate, reliable, low power, and low-cost MEMS-based IR gas sensors to detect toxic and combustible gases in homes, automobiles, public buildings, and the work environment. Unlike today's gas sensing technology, Ion Optics' SensorChip™ will become pervasive in the market because it is a small, low-cost, low-power and reliable, "set and forget" sensor. Ion Optics' wavelength control photonic crystal technology will be used many other in consumer, industrial and defense applications as well.

Ion Optics' rich history of delivering high level research projects to a diverse set of government, military and commercial organizations has played a significant role in developing our technology. Our R&D partners have included including the U.S. Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, NASA, DARPA, U.S. Department of Transportation, National Institute of Science and Technology (ATP), National Science Foundation and others. Our research contracts have primarily been in the areas of IR gas sensing, spectroscopy and IR emissions.

Ion Optics' research and manufacturing facilities are based in Waltham, MA

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