NuNano High-Performance Probes for Soft Sample Imaging

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Scout 70 AFM Probes
About the Scout 70 AFM Probe Model
Scout 70
Scout 70 HAR
Scout 70 T


NuNano has recently announced the launch of the Scout 70 model of AFM probes, which have proved to enable the company’s dependable tip sharpness and minimal variation of mechanical properties for the high resolution imaging of soft samples.

Scout 70 AFM Probes

The Scout 70 is a general purpose silicon AFM probe for imaging in AC modes (non-contact/soft tapping) and force modulation, with a nominal 2N/m spring constant and 70 kHz resonant frequency, therefore it is ideal for imaging delicate samples or objects that are loosely adhered to their substrate surface. With two other variants, the Scout 70 is also available as Scout 70 HAR, with a high aspect ratio tip for deep trench imaging, and the Scout 70 T, with its lower resolution tip that is perfect for step height measurements and users who are beginners when it comes to AFM. All probes are available either uncoated or with reflective aluminium coating on the backside of the cantilever.

Dr. Vladimir Korolkov of the University of Nottingham states, “NuNano’s silicon AFM probes have remarkably consistent resonant frequencies and driving amplitude. This gives me confidence that I’ll acquire high quality images every time I use them.”

NuNano’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dr. James Vicary also commented on the recent announcement, stating “Our new probe allows users to access a lower force regime whilst maintaining the same high standards of reliability you’ve come to expect from our other products. Applying our proprietary manufacturing process to our Scout 70 probes has meant we’ve been able achieve the same tight dimensional control of the cantilever, which in turn ensures there’s less variation in the mechanical properties of our probes.”

About the Scout 70 AFM Probe Model

The Scout 70 model of AFM probes have been specifically developed to provide the same exemplary dimensional tolerances and tip sharpness characteristic of all NuNano AFM probes.

Scout 70:

Scout 70 HAR:

Scout 70 T:

As with all NuNano products, the Scout 70 model is compatible with most commercially available AFMs. For harder samples and stable softer samples, the Scout 350 model is also available.

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