New Generation in X-ray Microscopy for X-ray Fluorescence and Transmission Analysis

HORIBA Scientific, have announced the worldwide launch of its new generation of X-Ray microscopes the XGT-5000.

The microscope combines both surface and transmission X-ray analysis to provide a complete elemental characterisation of a sample in one simple step. The innovative design of the XGT-5000 allows for a non-destructive analysis at normal atmospheric pressure. It also incorporates a novel coaxial arrangement of the X-ray beam and the optical visual image to enable fast and accurate sample positioning.

The ground breaking Horiba X-ray Guide Tube (XGT) is incorporated within the system to provide a spatial resolution down to 10 µm.

The new capabilities and functionality of the XGT-5000 expands X-ray elemental analysis from material research into the emerging fields of biology, mineralogy and environmental analysis

Posted 8th October 2003

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