Tooth Implant Surface Morphology Using The Nanosurf easyScan AFM LS

Surface morphology is an essential factor for biocompatible materials and strongly influences the interaction within organic materials.

Surface Parameters

Surface parameters as roughness and shape of the structures will determine ability and rate of bone healing against the implant surface as well as the final strength of the bone to implant contact and even the degree of bacterial contamination.

Image of a tooth implant. Scan range 50 µm x 50 µm

Figure 1. Image of a tooth implant. Scan range 50 µm x 50 µm

AFM Investigation

Investigation of surfaces of such materials with an AFM can contribute to the understanding of the biocompatibility of new materials by determining crucial surface information without modifying the materials and surfaces. The figure shows a AFM image of the tooth enamel surface structure.

The image was recorded with an easyScan2 AFM operated in dynamic mode.

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