El-Mul Technologies - Detection Tools for Industrial SEM and Mass Spectrometry

Nanotechnology Area

Electron and ion detection solutions

Description of Activities

Since its founding in 1992, El-Mul Technologies has established itself as an advanced technology leader, consistently providing solutions to meet the most challenging needs of our customers in the semiconductor manufacturing, industrial SEM and mass spectrometry tool markets.

El-Mul’s product line of top-quality particle detectors enjoys an excellent reputation as off-the-shelf or OEM components over a broad spectrum of applications. Customers recognize our innovative engineering and support services as an integral part of our product.

We maintain an aggressive R&D program, supported by a skilled, experienced staff and state-of-the-art production facilities. El-Mul Technologies’ R&D has led to breakthrough patents and major achievements in the fields of fast inorganic scintillators and nano-electron emitters.

Products include:

•        SEM Electron Detectors 

•        In-Lens

•        Everhart-Thornley

•        BSE

•        Ion Detectors 

•        FIB

•        Time-of-Flight Detectors 

•        MTOF

•        OptiMax™ Bipolar

•        Silhouette™/Extra Push™ 

•        Scintillators 

•        ScintiMax™ Phosphor Screens

•        Catalog Particle Detectors 

•        OptiMax™ Bipolar

•        Silhouette™/Extra Push™

•        ScintiMax™ Phosphor

•        Standard Anode MCP

•        Field Emission Sources 

•        E-Beam (Single Cathode Well)

•        E-Beam On-a-Chip™ 

Contact Details

P.O. Box 571
81104 Yavne

Tel.  +972 (0) 8-943-4184
Fax.  +972 (0) 8-942-2676

E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.el-mul.com

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