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Description of Activities

The Nanotechnology Institute of ASME International is dedicated to furthering the art, science and practice of nanotechnology. The Nanotechnology Institute of ASME International is a clearinghouse for ASME activities in nanotechnology and provides interdisciplinary programs and activities to bridge science, engineering, and applications.

The Nanotechnology Institute of ASME International site provides a one-stop resource for researchers and practitioners about ASME nanotechnology activities as well as links to other sites.

ASME Nanotechnology Institute Committees

The ASME Nanotechnology Institute has a number of committees including:

•        Education Committee

•        Nanomanufacturing Committee

•        Devices & Systems Committee

•        Nanoscale Phenomena Committee

•        Government/Venture/Social Impact Committee

Education Committee

Develop educational infrastructure and delivery in the area of nanoscale science, engineering and technology.

Nanomanufacturing Committee

Foster the growth of manufacturing techniques related to nanotechnology such as synthesis and integration.

Devices & Systems Committee

Focus on functional devices and systems that exploit nanoscale phenomena. Systems of interest: energy, information, and biomedical technologies

Nanoscale Phenomena Committee

Focus on fundamental understanding of nanoscale science that could have relevance in engineering: solid/fluid mechanics; heat transfer; thermodynamics; materials, etc.

Government/Venture/Social Impact Committee

Foster dialogue and interactions between the science/engineering communities and government, private investment and media.

Contact Details

ASME Nanotechnology Institute
Three Park Avenue
New York
NY 10016-5990

Tel: +1 (212)591-7000

Email: [email protected]


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