Metal Nanopowders, Producers of Exceptional Purity and Quality Nanopowders In a Range of Pure Metals and Metal Alloys

Nanotechnology Area

Metal Nanopowders Ltd, a spin-off from the University of Birmingham, is dedicated to the production of metal powders at the sub-100nm scale. Metal Nanopowders facilities allow them to produce nanopowders with exceptional purity & physical properties.

Description of Activities

The powders have excellent as-produced size distributions and are ideal for nanopowder research work. Metal Nanopowders can supply samples from the following powders produced using their unique process:

•        Aluminium

•        Iron

•        Copper

•        Nickel

•        Magnesium

•        Titanium

•        Titanium Nitride

Metal Nanopowders can also produce other metal nanopowders to meet your requirements, available on request.


The demand for ultra-fine metal powders continues to grow as new applications are identified and developed. Below is a list of example applications:

•        Catalysts & Hydrogen Storage

•        Solid Rocket Fuel

•        Conducting Paste

•        Magnetic tapes & fluid

•        Targeted drug delivery

•        Metallic paint

•        Sintering/sintering aids

Production Samples

Below is a gallery of samples, produced using the Metal Nanopowders new production process.

Figure 1. TiN powder, with a median size of 18nm

Figure 2. Al powder, with a median size of 70nm

Figure 3. Fe powder, with a median size of 44nm

Figure 4. Cu powder, with a median size of 37nm

Technical Performance

Metal Nanopowders can produce nanopowders with excellent particle size distributions using its patented production process.

Figure 5. Particle size distribution – as produced

Figure 6. Oxidation properties of Al powders

Further Information

Through Metal Nanopowders on-going research programme, they continue to enhance our capabilities and product range. Their aim is to supply the increasing demand for metal nanopowders across industry – Metal Nanopowders will work with you to develop nanopowders that meet your needs.

Contact Details

Metal Nanopowders
Department of Metallurgy and Materials
University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT, UK

Isaac Chang +44 (0) 121 414 5167

Email: [email protected]


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