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Keithley Instruments offers a wide range of test solutions for companies developing and manufacturing optoelectronic components and subassemblies for telecommunications, data communications, high performance illumination, and other optical applications. Keithley test products deliver speed, resolution, and accuracy – critical for making quick and informed decisions related to product design, production yield, process monitoring, specification claims, and calibration data. The results are lower manufacturing costs, improved product quality, and shorter time-to-market through improved testing of laser diodes, photo diodes, optical amplifiers, LEDs, CD/DVD lasers, and other active optoelectronic devices. Keithley’s integrated solutions combine SourceMeter® instruments, sensitive multi-channel current meters, temperature controllers, optical switching, integrating spheres, and related test equipment for full device testing and characterization. These solutions are scalable from single-channel instruments through high-density card/chassis systems. They all provide excellent ROI in high throughput parallel test environments, and when testing multi-section devices such as tunable lasers.

Keithley Instruments proves solutions for industries including:

•        Aerospace

•        Automotive Component Manufacturing

•        Computers and Peripherals

•        Component Manufacturing

•        Flat Panel Displays

•        Medical Electronics

•        Nanotechnology

•        OEM Solutions/Factory Automation

•        Optoelectronics

•        Research & Education

•        Semiconductors

•        Telecommunications

•        Test and Measurement/Automation Systems

Contact Details

Keithley Instruments
28775 Aurora Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44139-1891

Tel.: +1 (440) 248-0400
Fax.: +1 (440) 248-6168

E-mail: [email protected]
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