Precision Technologies CIC – Measurement, Understanding and Optimisation

Nanotechnology Area

Design and development of materials and components

Where Do Most Engineering Failures Originate?

At the critical interface between surfaces.

By measuring a component’s surface characteristics at micro and nano levels, Precision Technologies CIC experts can understand surface and material behaviours – leading to design and material optimisation of the component.

The result?  Components and products that perform better and last longer.

When nanotechnologies are applied during the design phase, development time is slashed – cutting costs and boosting profit.

How Can Precision Technologies CIC Help You?

Experts at the Precision Precision Technologies CIC use the latest technologies, processes and equipment in our advanced Nanolab:

•        Hyper-accurate 3D measuring provides the most comprehensive view possible of material surfaces to nanometre level.

•        Scanning Electron Microscopy.

•        Coordinate Measuring Machines capable of measuring 1m x 1m x 1.8m with an accuracy of 0.7 μm over the working range.

•        Volumetric Control Software which dramatically improves machine tool accuracy by up to 80%.

•        Thermal imaging software and analysis mapping the effect of temperature change on machine tool accuracy.

Precision Technologies CIC, A One Stop Shop

With Precision Technologies CIC’s broad range of expertise, experience and research capability, we are recognised as a One Stop Shop in precision technologies and metrology, including:

•        Freeform precision polishing to nanometre level.

•        Coating evaluation.

•        Machine tool alignment and calibration.

•        Ultra-precision diamond turning.

•        Evaluation of wear volume of used components to establish component lifetime.

•        Machine tool design.

•        Finite element analysis.

•        Materials consultancy.

•        CMM training to a recognised European wide standard.

Who Benefits from Precision Technologies CIC Expertise?

The Precision Technologies CIC has helped UK and international manufacturing companies from across the spectrum in some surprising and innovative ways.

•        Automotive – From engine and gearbox components to body panels and dashboards.

•        Biomedical – From prosthetic appliances to measuring the effectiveness of anti-wrinkle compounds on human skin.

•        Electronics – Analysing pattern on silicon chips.

•        Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems – Measuring and evaluating constriction free channels in MEMS.

•        Precision Engineering – Multiple applications, including wear testing to determine mode of failure.

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