Advanced Inkjet Ink Solutions From Buhler For Consistent High Quality Inks

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Consistent High Quality Inkjet Inks

Micro Wet Grinding

ZR120 - Centrifugal Mill

Drais SuperFlow® Recirculation Mill


When the innovative world of inkjet printing is your business, Buhler is your ideal partner for advanced inkjet ink solutions.

Consistent High Quality Inkjet Inks

You are developing and producing highest and consistent quality Inkjet Inks. Continuous launch of highly innovative products for the following fields of application is your daily business.

•        Small & Home office

•        Wide format

•        Industrial

•        Packaging

•        Commercial

•        Tickets, Labels & Tags

•        Conductive tracks

Micro Wet Grinding

Buhler micro-wet grinding technology meets the growing demands of inkjet ink manufacturing regardless of weather UV-, water-, or solvent based, pigmented inkjet inks. Inks produced with Buhler wet grinding technology set the benchmark in the relevant quality characteristics:

•        Intensive particle size reduction <100 nm

•        Narrow size distribution range

•        Intensive cooling for temperature sensitive varnish systems

•        Material options suited for highly abrasive pigments

•        Improved yield of precious pigments

•        Scale up possibility from developing to manufacturing process

ZR120 - Centrifugal Mill

•        Agitator with high specific throughput capacity

•        Unique energy density performance

•        Centrifugal bead separation

•        Grinding media 0.1 – 0.8 mm

•        Very high recirculation rate

•        Wide viscosity range

Figure 1. ZR120 - Centrifugal Mill

Drais SuperFlow® Recirculation Mill

•        High productivity from small grinding chamber

•        Significantly increased quality level

•        Supreme cooling capacity

•        Flow-through or recirculation operation

•        Grinding media 0.2 – 1.5 mm

•        Grinding volume scale up from 1.2 to 72 litres

Figure 2. Drais SuperFlow® Recirculation Mill

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