TSI Incorporated, Design and Manufacturing of Precision Instruments

Nanotechnology Area

Precision Instrumentation

Description of Activities

TSI Incorporated designs and manufactures precision instruments used to measure flow, particulate, and other key parameters in environments the world over.

TSI serves the needs of industry, governments, research institutions, and universities, with applications ranging from pure research to primary manufacturing. Every TSI instrument is backed by unique technical expertise and outstanding quality.

Product Lines

Products produced by TSI include:

•        Aerosol generators and dispersers

•        Atmospheric monitoring

•        Automated filter test

•        Biomedical test equipment

•        Certification instruments

•        Chemical characterization

•        Combustion gas analyzers

•        Critical environments monitors/controllers

•        Exposure monitoring

•        Indoor air quality

•        Laser Doppler velocimetry

•        Mass Flowmeters

•        NBC protection

•        Particle counters and detectors

•        Particle image velocimetry

•        Particle sizers

•        Phase Doppler particle analyzers

•        Respirator fit testing

•        Thermal anemometry

•        Ventilation test instruments

Contact Details

TSI Incorporated
500 Cardigan Road
Shoreview, MN

Telephone: +1 651-490-2811
Toll Free: 1-800-874-2811
Fax: +1 651-490-3824

E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.tsi.com


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