4Gb NAND Flash Memory Using 70nm Process Technology - New Product

Samsung Electronics has developed the world’s first 70nanometer (nm) 4 Gigabit (Gb) NAND Flash memory.

The 4Gb NAND flash is the fourth generation of NAND flash memory. The growth of flash memory has seen it doubling in density every twelve months. This trend began in 199 when 256Mb memory was released and was followed by 512Mb in 2000, 1Gb in 2001, 2Gb in 2002, and 4Gb in 2003. At the high density levels, nonvolatile memory is now replacing magnetic tapes and low-density hard disk drives with solid-state data storage. The space, weight and power savings that NAND flash allows will see them used in mobile applications such as notebook PCs, tablet PCs, mobile handsets, MP3 players and PDAs.

Samsung’s 4Gb NAND flash memory has the smallest memory cell size of 0.025um2 due to it using a 70nm node design. Another industry first is a 300-angstrom tungsten gate, to reduce inter-cell resistance and noise levels ensuring higher performance in multi-gigabit memory designs.

Posted October 2nd 2003

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