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Nano-up your MA6 Mask Aligner New UV-NIL Toolset Enables nm Resolution
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UV-NIL: The Future of Nanoimprinting


SUSS MicroTec machines are used by leading semiconductor manufacturers as well as renowned research institutes to make and test state-of-the art microchips and sensors. Many of the products you use in your daily life such as PDA’s, GPS systems, cell phones etc. have at sometime been touched by equipment from SUSS MicroTec.

As a global supplier of production and test equipment for the semiconductor and related industries SUSS is especially present in markets including Advanced Packaging, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Compound Semiconductor, Silicon-On-Insulator and 3D Interconnect. Products include precision lithography tools (mask aligners, spin & spray coaters), wafer bonders and test systems.

Nano-up your MA6 Mask Aligner New UV-NIL Toolset Enables nm Resolution

The capabilities of SUSS MA6/8 Mask Aligners are now enhanced with new tooling that enables you to build structures with features at the nano-scale level. The new tooling for single sided imprint UV-NIL (Nanoimprint Lithography) can be field upgraded with very limited effort, offering a straightforward upgrade path for SUSS customers to enter the nano world.

The SUSS imprinting technology supports a variety of materials such as UV glue, photoresists or polymers.

SUSS UV-NIL enhanced aligners are capable of printing resist thicknesses from less than 100 nm to a few hundred microns with a printing resolution down to a few nm (stamp dependent). In-situ top or bottom side alignment and specific UV-curing wavelengths can be selected. Typically the stamp or mold is made of UV transparent material like quartz. Opaque stamps such as Ni or Si may also be used with UV-transparent wafers.

Figure 1. SUSS MicroTec Logo printed in Amonil MMS 4 on a SUSS MA6 Mask Aligner

Figure 2. Enlarged sections of above SUSS logo

Figure 3. SEM measurement of a gate finger for a field effect transistor made of polysilicon. Imprinted by S.E.T NPS300 Stepper, width: 100nm Conventional UV-lithographic structuring of the drain and source regions by SUSS MA6 Mask Aligner Courtesy Fraunhofer IISB, Germany

Figure 4. The key to the future! SUSS template holder and chuck for Nanoimprint Lithography allow printing resolutions in the nanometer range

Features and Benefits

  • New UV-NIL toolset can now be easily fieldinstalled on SUSS MA6/MA8 Mask Aligners
  • Variable stamp and substrate sizes allow highest process flexibility
  • Easy and fast switching between UV-lithography and nanoimprint lithography
  • “Resist” thickness from < 100 nm to few 100µm
  • In situ sub-µm alignment for highest alignment precision
  • Fully controlled printing cycle (pressure, distance, speed, parallel separation) with minimized operator intervention
  • Highest leveling precision and residual layer uniformity

UV-NIL: The Future of Nanoimprinting

Low cost production UV-NIL solutions for nanostructures in development today may be the enabling technique for next generation semiconductor, MOEMS and optoelectronic technology. In particular, nanoimprint lithography and its variations have been developed as a cost-effective alternative to high-resolution e-beam lithography to print sub- 50 nm geometries (resolution depends on stamps and resist).

UV-NIL is a nanoimprint method that is based on UV-curing. Depending on application requirements, UV-sensitive polymer is coated after or before the alignment. After the stamp/template has been leveled to the substrate and imprinted into the fluid UVNIL material with a controlled force and speed, UV curing hardens the resin. Next, the stamp/template is separated from the imprinted substrate, producing a hardened replica of the stamp on the surface of the substrate.

Figure 5. The combination of reliable, versatile SUSS MA6 and MA8 Mask Aligners with NIL technologies makes an economical and innovative package for R&D

SUSS MicroTec is a global supplier of production and test equipment for the semiconductor industry. Our products include precision lithography tools, wafer bonders as well as test systems. Our commitment to superior performance, cost-effective solutions and high levels of customer service make SUSS a market and technology leader.

A worldwide service and support network of more than 30 local representatives is ready to assist you with any aspect of your wafer processing and testing needs. From installation to training and routine maintenance to customized solutions, we are there for you. It’s just another example of our solutions setting standards.

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