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About Applied NanoStructures
Applications of Colloidal Probes

About Applied NanoStructures

Applied NanoStructures, Inc. develops, manufactures, and supplies AFM/SPM Probes for all applications and all major manufacturers. Applied NanoStructures also supply various nanostructures including MEMS and specialized SPM probes for most applications.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality AFM Probes & SPM probes for standard, advanced and customized applications at a faster speed and more affordable price than our competitors.

In addition to providing you with our standard catalogue of products, Applied NanoStructures enjoys working with customers to develop new probes or devices for advanced applications.


Colloidal Probe Atomic Force Microscopy requires a tip of known shape to be mounted cleanly on a consistently reproducible cantilever. These probes are known as "Colloidal Probes" and are used to study colloidal interactions between two surfaces and to quantify the interactive properties. The tip is formed using a spherical, colloidal particle that is attached to a tipless cantilever.

Colloidal Probes from Applied NanoStructures are manufactured in our state-of-the-art clean room using micromachining techniques and a high precision, 6 axis, micromanipulator stage system. Near perfect micro-spheres of various materials are attached at the end of tipless cantilevers using a proprietary, clean, contamination free process.

Applications of Colloidal Probes

Colloidal Probe applications include direct surface force measurement, colloidal interactions on the single particle-particle level, direct measurement of cell mechanics, measurement of adhesion forces, study of colloidal interactions between particle and surface. These are just a few application out of a fast growing field using colloidal probe technique.

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