Stylus and Optical Surface Profilers for Surface Texture and Form Analysis

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Stylus Profilers
     Types of Stylus profilers
Optical Surface Profilers
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Stylus Profilers

Stylus profilers are available in both 2D and 3D forms. The following sections provide details of the two main types of Stylus profilers available and their applications..

Types of Stylus Profilers

The two types of stylus profilers are Alpha Step (D100 and D120) and P6 and P-16+3D long scan profilers.

  • The Alpha Step stylus profilers are the basic model profilers which offer scans up to 55mm and 0.3mg force control. They come with options for 1.2mm Z range, Stitching software and Stress measurement.
  • The P6 and P-16+ 3D Long Scan is an advanced stylus pointer which offers scans upto 300mm and having options of wafer stress management and pattern recognition mapping.


Stylus profilers find many applications in semiconductors, MEMS, data storage, material science and optoelectronics.

  • The semiconductor applications of the profilers are CMP monitoring and bump metrology.
  • The profilers are used in measuring the thickness and roughness and stress analysis of thin films in material science application.
  • The etch rate and trench depth analysis in the MEMS field is done using the stylus profilers.
  • In optoelectronics, microlens and diffuser shape is determined using the profilers.
  • They are also used in data storage for defining the thin film head structure and disk edge roll off.

Optical Surface Profilers

In this category of profilers we have the Micro XAM-100 Optical Profiler which has a fast snap shot measurement time with a 250 micron Z range. Auto Stitching and Auto mapping of the images is possible with the Micro XAM-100 profiler.

The Micro XAM-100 Optical Profiler


Optical surface profilers are used in a variety of applications. They are used in surface texture and form analysis, measuring precision step height and to determine the thin film stress. They are used in material characterization studies. Other applications of the optical profilers include 3D imaging, MEMS and biological studies.

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