Applications and Properties of Fullerene-Modified Caprolon

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Antistatic Fullerene-Modified Caprolon


The technology for production of fullerene-modified polyamide-6/caprolon (FMC) has been created by ILIP CISC.

Antistatic Fullerene-Modified Caprolon

Antistatic FMC has specific resistance levels which have been reduced six or seven times, dielectric coefficient, which has been increased three to ten fold and voltage resistance, which is improved two to three times with all other properties constant. This material can be utilized in hazardous industries such as ore processing, textile, mining, flour making and chemical manufacturing facilities. The materials are two to three times less costlier than similar products in the market and the product can be produced in bulk technologically. This modification can be utilized for the replacement of metal rollers for conveyors in hazardous industries.

The friction factor is reduced by 2 ½ times when compared to caprolon, which is 6 times lower than steel, durability is doubled, the destruction temperature is increased by 30°C, the rub mark coefficients are reduced by a 30-50 relative percent, with the other characteristics maintained constant. This material can be used as a replacement for friction parts made of metal. This modification could gain up to a 50-60% share of the caprolon market.

The strength and elasticity of the material can be increased for all modifications by 30 - 100 relative percent.


Since 2002, ILIP has been working on the systemic development of carbon nanotechnology. Their unique teams of scientists, designers, analysts and managers have created highly effective manufacturing technologies for a broad range of carbon nanoclusters, as well as technologies for their application.

In addition to its scientific potential, ILIP has extensive experience in commercial sales (including abroad) and the practical implementation of manufacturing technologies and applications of carbon-based nanomaterials.

ILIP is currently completing the construction of a modern flexible high-tech facility, specialising in carbon-based nanomaterials and new high-tech polymers. This plant, located in Kirishi (Leningrad region), will produce polymer products with unique performance characteristics, imparted through modification by fullerene-based nanoadditives.

Their work in the innovations market has resulted in the successful completion of more than 1,500 innovative projects, including ones for the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises. ILIP is an authorised organisation of the Foundation for the Northwestern Federal District START Program (funding start-up projects).

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by ILIP JSC.

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