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About Nanograde
Customized Nanoparticles
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About Nanograde

Nanograde is the worldwide leader in the tailor-made development of specialty nanoparticles and inorganic inks. Nanograde is able to develop innovative materials custom-made for the industry’s needs. Nanograde's technology and know how enable ultra-fast proof-of-concepts and short development cycles. This makes Nanograde the ideal partner to speed up tomorrow's material innovations.

Interactive tool to select custom nanoparticle compositions on Nanograde's website

Customized Nanoparticles

Nanograde’s range of products includes simple or complex oxide nanoparticles, advanced metal salt nanoparticles or doped nanoparticles (metal oxide and metal salt nanoparticles) which are produced according to individual specifications and in any composition. It is possible to order the desired compositions on their web shop in a fast and efficient way. Each customer can define the exact composition he desires and order the samples online.

Nanograde nanoparticles are typically 10 to 50nm in size, and are characterized by extraordinary stability and chemical purity. Typical examples are applications such as antimicrobials, lasers and catalysts. The crystal phase of compositions can be adapted in many cases. If required, the Nanograde nanoparticles can also be formulated into a nanoparticles ink, suspension or dispersion.

Nanograde's tailor-made nanoparticles can be optimized for every application and thus enable the development of the ideal nanoparticle additive.

Rapid Nanomaterials Synthesis

What makes Nanograde the leader in its field is the ability to produce unique high value nanomaterials in a very short time. Their novel and unique patent-protected nanoparticle synthesis process features unrivaled key technical capabilities:

  • Rapid screening: Several thousand different compositions can be synthesized per year

  • Material flexibility: The range of nanomaterials that can be synthesized is virtually limitless. Metal oxides, mixed metal oxides, ceramics and metal salt (carbonates, phosphates, fluorided, etc.), nanopowders

  • Uniformity: Through our process particle size variation can be optimized to the requirements of the application

  • Purity: Our nanoparticles can be synthesized with a high phase purity

  • Reproducibility: By controlling our process parameters our synthesis intrinsically yields the same nanoparticles

  • Scale: We have upscaled our synthesis technolgy to the ton scale

New nanoparticle compositions can be easily designed and requested on Nanograde’s website.

Figure 1. Interactive periodic system of elements on Nanograde’s website to order customized nanoparticles

Figure 2. Customized nanoparticles with endless compositions

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Nanograde.

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