Protecting Metals from Physicochemical Force with Anticorrosion Topcoats

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Test Results of NANOMYTE TC-4001
Benefits of NANOMYTE TC-4001
Applications of NANOMYTE TC-4001
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NEI Corporation offers NANOMYTE topcoats, primers and pretreatments for metal finishing applications to maintain structural integrity and protect aesthetic appearance. NANOMYTE TC-4001 is one such product from NEI that is engineered for protecting metals from the physicochemical forces, which can affect both appearance and structural integrity.


NANOMYTE TC-4001 is a single component formulation that exhibits high resistance to chipping and scratching, and strong adhesion to the pretreated, painted or bare metal surfaces. The hard, dense and smooth topcoat can prevent metal exposure by functioning as a durable barrier to gases and liquids. The nanostructured composite formulation is composed of organic and inorganic phases and can be customized to satisfy customers’ specifications.

In addition, it is possible to layer NANOMYTE TC-4001 to mils or microns thick. This formulation can be easily coated on a metal component by brush, spray or immersion techniques. One coat is adequate for most substrates. The following are the characteristics of NANOMYTE TC-4001:

  • Color: Available in clear or 20 different translucent color stains
  • Vehicle Type: Solvent based
  • Finish: Satin, gloss or matte
  • Density: 7.36 lbs/gallon
  • VOCs: Below 100 g/L

The following are the capabilities of NANOMYTE TC-4001:

  • UV stable
  • Water repellant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant

Recommended thickness per coat for dry mills is 0.5-1.2, while for wet mills 1.5-2.0. The coverage of NANOMYTE TC-4001 coating is roughly 800-1200 sq. ft. per gallon, but varies depending upon texture and porosity of the substrate. Prior to apply the coating, the metal surface to be coated needs to be clean of oils, dirt, dust, grease or other foreign materials and in dry condition.

Test Results of NANOMYTE TC-4001

The following are the test results of NANOMYTE TC-4001:

  • ASTM D-3359-09 Tape Adhesion: 4B
  • ASTM D-3363 Taber Abrasion: 39.11 avg.
  • ASTM D-2803-03 Proc. B (ISO 4623) Filiform Corrosion: None after 1,000 hr
  • ISO 4628-10 Coating Degradation: None coated over primer

The corrosion resistance of NANOMYTE TC-4001 is illustrated in Figure 1. In this case, the thickness of the NANOMYTE TC-4001 coating is roughly 10µm.

Figure 1. TC-4001 coated panels on right show no signs of white or red rust after 1,000 hours in salt-spray test (ASTM B117).

Benefits of NANOMYTE TC-4001

The following are the benefits of NANOMYTE TC-4001:

  • High Performance - Anti-fouling, will not break down in sunlight, water repellant, hard to scratch or chip, stain resistance and corrosion protection
  • Environmentally Smart - No heavy metals, Low VOCs, and no peeling or flaking into soil or water
  • Cost Effective - Cost per square foot savings over conventional coatings, labor cost savings, and protects the initial substrate investment

Applications of NANOMYTE TC-4001

NANOMYTE TC-4001 can be applied to different surfaces, including painted and primed metals, powder coated metals, bronze, copper, aluminum, zinc plated and galvanized steel, stainless steel, steel and iron. It can address problems associated with animal waste contamination, marine biofouling, mold build up, UV damage, chemical stains, acid rain, moisture and ice formation, oxidation, and corrosion (rust). It has found use in electronics, infrastructure (bridges, towers, buildings, and pipelines), automotive, marine, aerospace and military.

About NEI Corporation

NEI Corporation is an application driven company that utilizes nanotechnology to develop and produce advanced materials. The company’s core competencies are in synthesizing nanoscale materials and prototyping products that incorporate the advanced materials. Founded in 1997, we manufacture and sell advanced materials products, provide materials development services, and perform contract-based R&D for public and private entities. NEI has built a strong manufacturing and R&D infrastructure that enables rapid transition of concepts to products.

NEI’s products are sold under the registered trademark: NANOMYTE®

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by NEI Corporation.

For more information on this source, please visit NEI Corporation.

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