Heat Transfer Fluids Engineered with Nanoparticles for Challenging Cooling Applications

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NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2
Key Characteristics of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2
Capabilities and Benefits of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2
Applications of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2
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NEI Corporation offers heat transfer fluids engineered with nanoparticles for challenging cooling applications. The products offered by NEI for these applications are NANOMYTE ThermoDon-1 and NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2. NANOMYTE ThermoDon-1 is an effective heat transfer fluid for applications using water as coolant, while NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2 is an effective heat transfer fluid for applications using oil as coolant. Both NANOMYTE ThermoDon- 1 and NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2 are available in 2 and 5 gallon pails. In this article, NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2 is discussed in detail.

NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2

NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2 is a simple, drop-in additive consisting of proprietary, nanostructured particles, which improve heat transfer significantly. This improvement leads to a drastic reduction in gearbox operating temperature. The non-metallic nanoparticles are inherently lubricious. The unique nanostructure of these particles is fabricated by in-situ processing, utilizing the desired base oil as feedstock. This enables NEI to offer an additive ideal for many different gear oils, including those designed for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

Key Characteristics of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2

The key characteristics of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2 (with typical 1.5% active additive) are listed below:

Color Black
Thermal Conductivity 180mW/mK
Apparent Viscosity (40°C/50s-1) 81cP
Viscosity Index 170

Capabilities and Benefits of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2

The following are the key capabilities of NANOMYTE ThermoDon- 2:

  • Minimizes operating temperature
  • Improves thermal stability
  • Protects against heat damage

The test results of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2 synthetic gear oil additive are shown in Figures 1 and 2, demonstrating the performance of this innovative additive.

Figure 1. Average gearbox temperature tested in the intermediate gearbox of a helicopter tail rotor drive train under simulated flight conditions

Figure 2. Thermal Conductivity: Base oil before and after addition of 1.5% ThermoDon-2 nanostructured additive

The key benefits of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2 are as follows:

  • Simple to Use - Replace a small quantity of fresh oil with ThermoDon-2 in next oil change
  • High Performance -Overheat protection, high lubricity and reduced maintenance
  • Cost Effective - Low levels of additive content is sufficient for improved performance
  • Environmentally Smart - Extends maintenance intervals without special disposal requirements

Applications of NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2

NANOMYTE ThermoDon-2 can address issues associated with excessive heat buildup, including abnormal wear, leaking, burning, seal and oil damage, and failure. It can be used in industrial, automotive, marine, aerospace and military applications.

About NEI Corporation

NEI Corporation is an application driven company that utilizes nanotechnology to develop and produce advanced materials. The company’s core competencies are in synthesizing nanoscale materials and prototyping products that incorporate the advanced materials. Founded in 1997, we manufacture and sell advanced materials products, provide materials development services, and perform contract-based R&D for public and private entities. NEI has built a strong manufacturing and R&D infrastructure that enables rapid transition of concepts to products.

NEI’s products are sold under the registered trademark: NANOMYTE®

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by NEI Corporation.

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